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Thirty at Thirty: Celebrating Thirty Years of Smith|doorstop Pamphlets, The Poetry Business.
The Emma Press Anthology of Age, The Emma Press.
Campaign in Poetry: The Emma Press Anthology of Political Poems, The Emma Press.
Other Countries: Contemporary Poets Rewiring History,
Best Friends Forever: Poems on Female Friendship, The Emma Press.
Poems of Homesickness and Exile, The Emma Press.
Cast: The Poetry Business Book of New Contemporary Poets, The Poetry Business.
Bedford Square 7, Ward Wood Publishing.
Coin Opera 2: Fulminare’s Revenge, Sidekick Books.
Dear World & Everyone In It: New Poetry In The UK, Bloodaxe Books.
Lung Jazz: Young British Poets for Oxfam, Waterstones.
Herbarium, Urban Physic Garden.
The Captain’s Tower, Seren Books.
Birdbook 1: towns, Parks, Gardens and Woodlands, Sidekick Books

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Poems Homesickness-and-ExileOther Countries - Contemporary Poets Rewiring History Cast - New Poetry Bedford Square 7

Coin Opera 2Dear World And Everyone In ItLung Jazz Young British Poets For OxfamHerbarium

The Captian's TowerBirdbook



‘Early Winter’, Poetry News summer (2017)
‘About Follies’ and ‘Drought’, The North 58 (2017)
‘Explanation From Those Who Don’t Know Love’, Poetry Wales 50.4 (2015)
‘The Flayings’, ‘Country Churches’, ‘The City Cut From A Mountain’ The North 52 (2014)
‘England, where did you go’ The Times Literary Supplement 5798 (2014)
‘Poem In Which My Life Is Like The Chuckle Brothers” Poems in Which 5 (2014)
‘Antonio, Duke of Milan’ Verse Kraken 1 (2013)
‘The King’s Manor Cat’ Magma 51 (2011)
‘Anniversary’ Magma 50 (2011)
‘Duck’ and ‘I have chosen to become a plasterer’ The North 47 (2011)
‘Margaret and Her Cottage, Ontario’ and ‘Stratigraphy’ The Rialto 71 (2011)
‘OffChuch’ The Poetry Review 100:2 (2010)
‘Their First Kiss’ and ‘Two The Bees’ Agenda Broadsheet  14 (2010)