Verse Kraken: Digital Edition Launched

Verse Kraken LogoThe online edition of Verse Kraken is now live, including my poem Antonio Duke of Milan.

Verse Kraken asks for poems in response to other artworks and this poem was inspired by Percy Stowe’s 1908 film adaptation of The Tempest. More specifically the incredible whiteness of the child-Miranda’s dress. It got me thinking about who had to wash it to keep it that way; how would Prospero have managed it without his magic? Of course as with all poems I started with one idea and it grew into something quite different; in this case into a poem about responsibilities and also about libraries.

New Year, New Issue of YM: Poetry!

YM-PoetryYM: Poetry is now on it’s seventh issue. YM: Poetry is a ezine for 13-19s with a different guest editor and theme for each issue. Over the next few months I’ll be guiding our newest guest editor, Chua Jua Yan through the process all the way from calling for submissions through to uploading the final content.

However this issue has a special challenge: since the guest editorships are awarded to alumni of the Foyle Young Poet of the Year Award they, like the award, are international. So I’ve been talking to Jua Yan online while I’m in London and he is in Singapore. So far it’s been working well: Jua Yan has chosen the theme “Rebel” and he has already received some submissions. You can read Jau Yan’s invitation to submit in a feature on the Young Poets Network and if you know any poets aged 13-19 encourage them to have a go and submit.