Rain of Poems

Half a tonne of poems (100,000 poetry cards) will be released from a helicopter over Jubilee Gardens in London on Tuesday 26th June, 9pm.

The event is organised by Casagrande, a Chilean poetry collective who rain poems down on sites that have previously been bombed. Casagrande’s first rain of poems was over La Moneda Palace in Chile’s capital Santiago, which was partially destroyed during the military coup in 1973. Casagrande have gone on to rain poems over Dubrovnik, Guernica, Warsaw and Berlin.

The London Rain of Poems will include poems by 300 poets from 206 countries, including my own work.  Everyone is welcome to come down to Jubilee Gardens to watch the spectacle and to catch and take away poems.

The video shows the Rain of Poems in Berlin in 2010. If it stays sunny you should witness a similar event on Tuesday. If the whether is cloudy or rainy then the event will be deferred until the first clear day.